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Speaker: Serbia Condemns Capitol Hill Riot

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 11.01.21 | access_time 08:59

Ivica Dacic (BETAPHOTO/Foreign Ministry/Ognjen Stevanovic)

The Serbian speaker, Ivica Dacic, said on Jan. 9 that Serbia condemned eruptions of violence during riots on the U.S. Capitol in Washington and favored a peaceful transition of power to the newly-elected U.S. president, Joe Biden.

Dacic said in an interview with Pink TV that Serbia wanted the transition to go on smoothly, and to continue building firm ties with Washington. "We respect the will of the (American) people, and it is very important that some principles be respected. We are witnessing double standards motivating certain people, especially the political parties hiding behind an election boycott, who are condemning the violence in Washington, while being the organizers of violence in Belgrade," Dacic said.

The Serbian speaker explained that Serbia condemned any violent attempt at taking a state institution by force, adding that no one could support violence, but that the same principle should be accepted by all states.

"We have yet to see the consequences (of the Capitol Hill insurgence). The Republicans have distanced themselves from (the outgoing U.S. president and the president of the party) Donald Trump. More than 70 million people voted for him, and, knowing Trump, he will not leave peacefully. I don't mean violence during the transition of power, but his political activities in the future. Maybe a new party in the U.S. will emerge," Dacic said.

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