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Kurti: Kosovo Can Continue Functioning without Serbia’s Recognition

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Archive / News | 13.07.21 | access_time 16:21

Aljbin Kurti (BETAPHOTO/European Council/Zucchi Enzo/DS)

Kosovo Premier Albin Kurti on July 13 said that Kosovo could continue functioning without Serbia’s recognition and that the cabinet led by him rejected to get the recognition in the exchange for territory or functionality.  

In an interview with web portal European Western Balkans, reported by Koha.net, Kurti said it would be good if Serbia recognized Kosovo. “Of course, I would like Serbia to recognize Kosovo, but if it does not, we have to go on without that recognition. I am not planning to replace once Kosovo’s dependence on Serbia with new dependence on Serbia’s recognition of our independent state,” Kurti said, adding that Kosovo had lived without Serbia’s recognition for 13 years now.

“It would be nice if Serbia recognized us, but we will not pay that recognition with either territory of functionality of our state. Kosovo is independent. It has been recognized by 26 out of 30 NATO countries and 22 out of 27 EU member states,” he said.  

Commenting on Kosovo’s rejection to join the regional mini-Schengen initiative, Kurti explained that there was no sense in pursuing the initiative as the Berlin Process had rendered a common regional market, while Serbia had not yet recognized Kosovo.  


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