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Banner Hung in Front of RTS Public Service Building during Vucic’s Appearance

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Belgrade, July 27(BETAPHOTO/MILOS MISKOV/DS)

In the evening on Aug. 1, while Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was making a live appearance on the RTS public service program, Serbian Democratic Party members unfurled a banner which read “Aleksandar Vucic – mafia chief” in front of the RTS building, it says in the official statement of that party.

The party claims that they wished to ask Vucic “a few questions about his involvement in organized crime,” which they were certain that “the RTS journalists would not ask on air, although they should.”

Among the questions they were asking were who had enlisted members of Veljko Belivuk’s clan to secure Vucic’s inauguration, who had provided them with police badges and who had ordered them to suppress the protests and cause violence during the July 2021 demonstrations.

As this was all happening, Vucic announced in the RTS studio that Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin and he had decided to file criminal charges against themselves in order to prove that everything said about their alleged ties to Veljko Belivuk and his clan were lies spread by the “mafia-tycoon circles.”

Vucic then congratulated the Serbian police force and the Security Intelligence Agency on their feats, as well as the persecutors for indicting the Belivuk clan. He also denied the claims that the FBI “had helped the case” saying that the Serbian forces had done all the work by themselves.

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