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Twitter: Important for Users to Know When Government Controls Media

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 23.08.21 | access_time 08:32


Having deemed some Serbian media outlets as "state-affiliated," which in turn accused Twitter of censorship, the social network said on Aug. 20 that it was important for its users to know when the state was exercising financial and editorial control over the media.

A few days ago, the social network tagged as "affiliated with the Serbian government" the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS), Vojvodina's public service, the Politika daily, the Tanjug news agency, and the privately owned Prva, Pink, Happy and B92 television stations, as well as the Kurir and Informer dailies.

When asked for a comment by the Istinomer portal, Twitter said that it discriminated between media outlets financed from public resources and those controlled by the state or government and that "it focuses on labeling media outlets under state control, which haven't been liberated from political interference and pressures by their governments."

The social network also explained that the state-affiliated media "are outlets in which the state exercises control over editorial content through financial resources, direct or indirect political pressures, and/or control over production and distribution”.

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