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Media Literacy Precondition For Commons Sense Decisions

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 01.09.21 | access_time 18:44

Danica Cigoja Piper( BETAPHOTO)

A docent at the College for the Media of the Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, Danica Cigoja Piper, stated on Sept. 1 that the society was "yearning for literacy in the media field," because they do not quite properly understand the messages they receive daily.

"It is important to know how to reconstruct the information we receive, to think critically. To be able to see the context in which certain messages appear and why they are important," Cigoja Piper told BETA.

She assessed that the improvement of media literacy usually brings development to the society, primarily in the sense of development of awareness. "The people become more oriented to certain subjects, they bring decisions based on common sense more easily, they are less seduced by the advertizing industry. They make more mature decisions in their daily life, which is very important for every individual," she stated.

Cigoja Piper said that media literacy in Serbia was progressing thanks to the engagement of various media that have recognized the fact that they, as the main players on the media market, had to help their audience understand the contents they encounter. She added that, on the other hand, the society in Serbia lacked the media literacy of young people, i.e. children and pupils in elementary and high schools.

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