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Democratic Party Leader: True Opposition Needs To Be Synchronized

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Democratic Party president Zoran Lutovac has said that no one could say when a decision on participation in elections would be passed, nor were deadlines a good thing or had a purpose adding that "it is better that we bring a decision ten days late than bring a bad decision ten days early."

"We are not choosing between one or another option, whether we will run in the elections or not. We are talking about the conditions for free elections not existing nor will they. We have to pick a form and method to deal with this," Lutovac told the Nov. 18 edition of the NIN weekly after the leaders of the parties that the Democratic Party is seeking to reach an agreement with pledged to bring a decision by the end of November.

He stressed that, "We need to bring a decision with precision and in harmony, not individually." "This very act will send a good message to our voters. The Democratic Party has favored the synchronized and unified action of the opposition since 2018, because we do not have conditions for normal elections. The question then boils down to how to fight this," Lutovac.

He said that the last time the opposition chose a boycott and this proved to be a good decision because even before parliament was inaugurated Aleksandar Vucic announced new elections and admitted that the elections were not legitimate. "In addition the true opposition decided on a boycott, while the other parties ran in these elections. Did they succeed and what did they accomplish?," Lutovac asked.

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