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Liberation Movement: Continuation of Protests Extremely Important

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Liberation Movement leader Mladjan Djordjevic said on Dec. 13 that the continuation of citizens’ protests despite poor weather and a decision of certain organizers to end the blockades was “extremely important.”

Djordjevic stated in a press release that he participated in the road blockades in Mladenovac on Dec. 4, and in Nis on Dec. 11, and pointed out that “it is important that [the reasons for the blockades] are spread across Serbia and that the people who rose up outside Belgrade, where that is more difficult and where pressure is greater, are supported.”

Djordjevic also said that the citizens took to the streets again “because they realize that the regime is shaken and because they are dissatisfied with the laws [they are protesting against] being revoked and amended. They are all aware that [Serbian President Aleksandar] Vucic will trick them and that the annulment of the law [on land expropriation] is just his tactical maneuver. The goal of the protests is clear – Serbia does not want Rio Tinto,” Djordjevic said.

He also stressed that any protest has to have an additional and ultimate demand, which [in this case] is “Aleksandar Vucic’s resignation.” “Vucic is the source of all instability in Serbia, a man at the helm of a mafia organization that has captured, robbed and humiliated our country, and who is now also selling out and destroying our rivers, fields and air. There will be no recovery and liberation of Serbia as long as he is in power,” Djordjevic stated.

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