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Journalist Running for President: Only Corruption is Free in Serbia

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 31.01.22 | access_time 15:41


Srdjan Skoro, a journalist who has decided to run for the Serbian presidency, said on Jan. 31 that Serbia’s was a deeply divided society, where institutions had been demolished and only corruption reigns unbridled.

Skoro said to BETA that the authorities led by Aleksandar Vucic were responsible for “the drastic divides” in Serbian society.

“Serbia’s institutions have been completely demolished, left to the mercy of unprofessional, illiterate and haughty Progressive yes-men, who, guided by their chief, managed to deprive of a purpose the life and logic in this state, humiliating and persecuting anyone who may disagree,” says Skoro, whom several civic movements and associations had nominated for the next presidential race in Serbia in April.

According to the journalist, the Constitution of Serbia and separation of powers have been effectively suspended, whereas lies, violence and ubiquitous vulgarity are now quite legitimate. Democracy and free media are abolished, and the government has deliberately let the judiciary and education hit rock bottom, Skoro said in a comment for BETA.

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