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Expert: Army of Serbia to Step Up Counter-Drone Training

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 27.04.22 | access_time 16:23

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The war in Ukraine has unveiled a correlation between the efficiency of Ukraine’s drone fleet and the poor organization of Russia’s air defense, which is why the Army of Serbia, too, should focus on counter-drone training, a retired Serbian colonel, Bosko Zoric, has suggested.

In an April 27 interview with the Balkan Security Network portal, Zoric said that the Serbian air defense systems were quite efficient in drone warfare, but that the army needed more and better-trained drone operators and marksmen.

The retired colonel also said that based on the available footage from Ukraine, Russia’s ill-organized air defense contributed greatly to the success of the Ukrainian drone warfare, especially in the phase one, when it was obvious that the Russian marching units had almost no air defense systems ready.

“In the second phase, the use of units has changed, and the Russian army employed more artillery-missile units, like S-400, S-300, BUK-M3 and other systems. Reports say that after this the Russians appeared to be considerably more successful in shooting down Ukrainian drones,” the colonel explained.

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