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Democratic Party: No TV Station Broadcasting Nationwide Deserves License

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 29.06.22 | access_time 15:55

REM - Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (Beta/Milos Miskov)

The Democratic Party underlined on June 29 that the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) would need to take full responsibility if it allocated again licenses for nationwide broadcasting to the media outlets that for years had been undermining the quality of education of Serbian citizens, instead of improving it.

The party’s education committee had analyzed the weekly schedule of private TV stations licensed to broadcast nationwide, finding out that none of them aired a second of educational science programmes. “Over the past seven days, or before that for that matter, the Pink, Happy, B92 and Prva television stations failed to meet their legal obligation to air educational science programmes. Accordingly, none of them should be licensed again to broadcast across the Republic of Serbia,” the Democrats have cautioned.

They said that the REM regulator should have suspended their licenses a long ago, because they disrespected the legal requirements they were supposed to meet as the broadcasters airing their programmes nationwide. “Instead of educational programmes, their viewers listen to hate speech, and watch scenes of explicit violence and sex, while persons with an extensive criminal history are openly promoted, with the most popular of them, Pink TV, leading the way,” the Democratic Party said in a release.

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