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Farmers Block Novi Sad: “Ministry Is Leading Us Up The Garden Path”

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Archive / News | 10.08.22 | access_time 20:01

Novi Sad, August 10 2022 (BETAPHOTO/DRAGAN GOJIC)

The protesting farmers who have been blocking the boulevard in front of the building of the provincial government in Novi Sad since Aug. 9, have accused the Ministry of Agriculture of “leading them up the garden path,” because the responses they received from it had no connection with their demands for stopping the protest.

“We have received the answers that have nothing to do with our demands… they are leading us up the garden path,” farmer Mileta Slankamenac told reporters on Aug. 10. The farmers’ primary demand is for one ton of sunflower seed to cost at least 700 euros, with VAT, in purchase.

He added that they demanded the lifting of the ban on exports of all primary farming products, a guaranteed quantity of 100 liters of fuel per hectare free of VAT, and subsidies for artificial fertilizers. The farmers, who spent the night in front of the provincial government, have announced that they would continue the blockades.

Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimovic promised the farmers in front of the provincial government building on Aug. 9 that he would implement a series of measures, but they said they would not remove their tractors before they receive “written guarantees” that the promises would be fulfilled. Among other things, Nedimovic has promised them a meeting with Prime Minister Ana Brnabic within the next 48 hours and that the topics of the talks would be the autumn sowing season and prices.

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