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Opposition Announces Examination of Ministers' Affairs, Anti-Corruption Laws in Parliament

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Archive / News | 12.08.22 | access_time 11:50

Marinika Tepic

Freedom and Justice Party Vice President Marinika Tepic has announced that the party will first initiate in parliament that "at least half of the ministers, including Prime Minister Ana Brnabic" are questioned at the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, to determine their accountability in the affairs related to Asseco, Krusik, power company EPS etc., and especially, as she put it, in the purchase of media outlets using money from state-owned Telekom Srbija.

Tepic, who was the leader of the United for the Victory of Serbia ticket in the last election, in an interview with the Nova newspaper's Aug. 12 issue also announced a draft set of anti-corruption laws, social laws, laws on returning pensions and "reining in" private enforcement officers. She also said that the matter of imposing sanctions against Russia should be transferred to the parliament.

She went on to say that serious opposition potential in the parliament had been disrupted due to the falsehoods presented by people from Vuk Jeremic's People's Party about the Freedom and Justice Party. However, she added, there are topics that are important and which her party will always support, such as a request from the People's Party to hold a session on Kosovo, or a proposal by the Democratic Party to form a committee on the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic.

When asked whether the fact that (Freedom and Justice Party leader Dragan) Djilas had met with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had tarnished the party's opposition image, Tepic replied that it was the same as if she were to ask whether the professionalism of Nova S TV had been affected by the fact that they had gone to the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media to apply for a national broadcasting frequency.

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