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Opposition Expects Government to Allow Belgrade EuroPride

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 12.09.22 | access_time 12:01

Pride Week Starts In Belgrade, To End With March On Sept. 17

Belgrade’s EuroPride 2022 will be allowed to take place, but this permission will be delivered in a manner indicating coercion because President Aleksandar Vucic “has no interest in human rights” nor in steering the country toward Europe, said Biljana Stojkovic, co-president of the Together for Serbia party.

In her Sept. 12 statement, Stojkovic maintained that all the developments surrounding Belgrade EuroPride have be “couched to communicate deep understanding for the anti-gay majority” because steering Serbia toward Europe “does not suit Vucic’s interests.”

“He is balancing between the East and the West because he hasn’t yet gained a clear picture of how to survive amidst dynamic international relations. The fate of Serbia and its people are the least of his concerns… I wouldn’t put it past Vucic to completely abandon the pro-European path if he concludes that support from that end has dried up,” Stojkovic concluded.

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