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Expert: Church Wants To Keep Future Citizens in the Dark

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 13.10.22 | access_time 17:02


Professor of genetics and evolution at the Belgrade School of Biology Biljana Stojkovic said on Oct. 13 that the Serbian Orthodox Church's demands that lectures on "sexual identity and gender" be taken out of textbooks and was asking the education sector "to keep future citizens in the dark."

"It's even worse if they think that this will disappear in Serbia if it isn't discussed. Science will not abandon education to the Church without a fight. A fight is evidently coming,"  Stojkovic said in an op-ed for the NIN weekly.

According to her, the Church has now "forcefully assumed the position of the main arbitrary authority in the formation of school curriculums." The Church and rightists, she said, are stressing that the question of gender does not belong in the purview of biological science," she said, adding that "the development of sexual identity both physically and psychologically does not fit the socially imposed norms for every individual, i.e. gender."

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