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Kurti: French-German Proposal Is Basic, Not Final Agreement

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Archive / News | 09.02.23 | access_time 17:08

Albin Kurti, Aleksandar Vucic (BetaPhoto/European Council)

Kosovo Premier Albin Kurti stated on Feb. 9 that the European proposal, also known as the French-German proposal, was a framework for a basic agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, not the final one.

“It is not final; it is still a framework, a basic agreement, but not the final one. This agreement, which contains whole paragraphs and sentences copied from the model of two Germanies, is still just a basic agreement and not a legally binding, internationally binding agreement, which we seek,” Kurti said at the session of the Kosovo Assembly. He stated that a long process of negotiations was required for reaching the agreement, and that the final agreement was not possible without the mutual recognition.

Kurti said that, in the previous years, there had been no proposals containing European, democratic concepts with universal values. “That was what you might call the ideology of problem-solving. It was considered that you have a problem and have to solve it in a very particular way. The earlier approach was like that, solving problems without concepts and universal categories. From the very start – these are independence, democracy, territorial integrity, sovereignty, self-determination and human rights. All universal values. I believe that a basic agreement that contains universal values is fair and useful for Kosovo,” Kurti stated.

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