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Vucic Calls on Public to Attend May 26 Rally in Defense of Freedom, Democracy

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic (BETAPHOTO/MILOS MISKOV)

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has called on citizens to attend the rally “in defense of Serbia’s freedom-loving, democratic values” which is scheduled for May 26 in Belgrade, adding that the gathering will be the largest in Serbia’s history.

In a statement televised in the evening of May 9, Vucic addressed last week’s two devastating shootings, which claimed the lives of 17 and left over 20 people injured.

“The sadness, grief and pain in Serbia have not abated,” he said.

“After such a crushing blow, we had to take action and, today alone, managed to collect nearly 3,000 weapons – demonstrating that we are capable of fighting for peace, preserving human lives and effecting change,” Vucic stated.

According to him, the authorities have shown good faith even toward their political opponents, “who took brutal advantage of the tragedy.”

“During [the three] national days of mourning, they scheduled political gatherings with one goal: to inflict violence and violently seize power,” Vucic said, commenting on the rally against violence which the opposition held in Belgrade on May 8.

The president, who is also the leader of the Progressive Party of Serbia, added that the authorities are willing to talk.

“We are, therefore, ready to talk about any and all topics: from the media, reality shows, police involvement, police non-involvement, various officials handing in their resignations or not – to have [these issues] discussed in the National Assembly,” he explained.

Vucic stressed that “none of this has or will ever be enough” for the opposition, however, because “their only goal is to forcibly seize power and plunge Serbia into chaos, instability, unrest and riots.”

“For that very reason we have decided tonight and are inviting all Serbian citizens to – on May 26, a day ahead of big and important decisions for Serbia – [rally] in defense of our [country’s] freedom-loving, democratic values and attend the largest public gathering ever to be held in Serbia,” the president announced.

Vucic stated that the rally will take place in Belgrade, in front of the Parliament building or on the Trg Republike square, in the afternoon of the 26th.

On May 27, the Progressive party will hold a general assembly to discuss who will take over the party’s reins as Vucic steps down.

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