State Department: Dodik’s Meeting with Putin a Short-Sighted Move | Beta Briefing

State Department: Dodik’s Meeting with Putin a Short-Sighted Move

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 24.05.23 | access_time 14:43


The U.S. Department of State stated on May 24 that a decision by President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin “while Russia is openly violating the foundations and laws of the international order,” as well as Dodik’s previous decision to decorate Putin, were “short-sighted moves that do not serve the interests of the citizens of Republika Srpska.”

“No government, at any level, at this moment should expand cooperation with Russia, while that country is committing aggression against Ukraine,” a spokesman for the Voice of America commented on Dodik’s visit to Moscow on May 23.

“The road that leads to a democratic, prosperous and secure future goes through Brussels, not through Moscow,” the VOA spokesman said. “Therefore, we consider Dodik’s path counterproductive and above all harmful,” he added.

Following his meeting with Putin in Moscow, Dodik said that Srpska had no right to side with those who support the creation of anti-Russian euphoria over the war in Ukraine.

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