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Psychologist: Regime Using Imitators in Attempt to Stop Protests

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 02.06.23 | access_time 11:40

Zarko Korac (Beta/Millos Miskov)

It is obvious that the authorities in Serbia have no way of stopping the peaceful mass protests on the streets of Belgrade, and so they have decided to hire small obscure groups to try and smear and compromise the protests from within, psychologist and former Serbian deputy prime minister Zarko Korac said on June 2.

"The time of 'imitators of civil protests' has come. What is tragicomic is that they are almost literally imitating the protests so far. They haven't come up with anything else. Just like Vucic imitated the protest rally on Belgrade's streets with his 'biggest rally in the history of Serbia' and suffered a fiasco, so imitators in a smaller format are appearing now," Korac said in an interview with the Danas newspaper.

Korac, who was a deputy prime minister in the cabinet led by Zoran Djindjic, said that for Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic the careers of the head of the Security Information Agency, Aleksandar Vulin, and Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic were much more important than peace in Serbia and the demands of a large number of citizens.

"He is ready to sacrifice everything to demonstrate his absolute power," Korac added.

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