Diplomat: Parties that Boycotted Election Hide the Only True Opposition Potential | Beta Briefing

Diplomat: Parties that Boycotted Election Hide the Only True Opposition Potential

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 04.03.21 | access_time 16:47


Retired School of Philology professor, politician and diplomat Vladeta Jankovic has said that he believes that "the only true potential is hidden in the ranks of the opposition that boycotted elections."

Jankovic told the latest, March 4 edition of the Vreme magazine  that "contrary to the usual whining about the opposition's weaknesses, one should bear in mine that never before has the regime's pressure been so vile and audacious, that the outlook for merely surviving is in every sense desperate, while something is still happening."

"My belief is that, to say the least, (opposition leaders) Dragan Djilas and Vuk Jeremic (who are being butchered by the regime's propaganda like never before) must find a common language, that the candidates for president and mayors must have unified support and that the smallest possible group of experts, who are not personally involved, who have no mortgages and have even tempers, should be sent to participate in the negotiations" with the regime, Jankovic said.

He added that the opposition should be prepared for a new boycott because, if nothing else, "How the parliament looks today is the best confirmation of how effective this weapon is."

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