EU Sources Calls Serbia's Vaccination Policy Ecumenical   | Beta Briefing

EU Sources Calls Serbia's Vaccination Policy Ecumenical  

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 12.04.21 | access_time 09:26


Serbia, "a small country on the edges of the European Union, is following an ecumenical policy with vaccines, which it shares with its neighbors," the French Le Figaro has reported, while analysts and European diplomats in Brussels believe that Belgrade's international policy stands at the crossroads of a new cold war between the West and China and Russia.

Though ruling circles in the EU still will not accept this publicly, the news media in the 27-member union is now overtly reporting on the start of a "new cold war," emerging new blocs, with Le Figaro reporting that this "must be accepted as a lesser evil" than armed conflict.

A recent resolution adopted by the European Parliament on Serbia's EU membership candidacy, while without legal force, calls on Belgrade with greater urgency to side with the EU's foreign policy and sanctions against Russia and China, in a reflection of the crossroads of the new cold war, diplomats in Brussels agree.

All media and analytic centers in the EU share the opinion that a great strategic, industrial-technological, commercial, and even geopolitical battle is afoot, primarily between U.S. President Joe Biden and the increasingly more powerful China.

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