Newsmax Adria Editor: Media Deceiving People Support this Government | Beta Briefing

Newsmax Adria Editor: Media Deceiving People Support this Government

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 09.06.21 | access_time 17:17


A Newsmax Adria editor, Jelena Obucina, said on June 9 that the Serbian media landscape was divided in the same way Serbia had become a deeply divided society.

Obucina said in an interview with BETA that on one side there was government and a vast majority of media outlets and journalists working for it, while on the other there was a small group of journalists working for reason and in the interest of the people and the state. "Unfortunately it's only the journalists of non-regime media to unveil lies, mistakes and deception by the authorities, as well as the uncontrolled spending of taxpayer money," Obucina said.

When asked why the authorities wanted enormous power over the media, she said that controlled media constituted the largest and strongest lever of power.  "This government would not be able to survive if the media were free. Only the absolute control of a great majority of them allows Aleksandar Vucic and his allies to stay in power. Without strictly controlled media that deceive people their survival in power would be questionable. More precisely, their demise would be certain," Obucina underlined.

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