People’s Party Leader: Revanchism Means that TV Pink Is No Longer | Beta Briefing

People’s Party Leader: Revanchism Means that TV Pink Is No Longer

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 21.07.21 | access_time 11:30

Vuk Jeremic (Beta/Milan Obradovic)

People’s Party leader Vuk Jeremic has said that revachism his party advocates means that after the change of government Pink TV will no longer exist and that its owner, Zeljko Mitrovic, according to the Law on lustration, will be banned to ever again perform any public activity.

“Revanchism means exactly that – no more TV Pink. As for me, I would demolish its office building, of course, in accordance with law. There has to be a communal regulation saying why this building should not be where it is. I also believe that an insight into Zeljko Mitrovic’s business and other documentation would reveal evidence calling for criminal prosecution,” Jeremic told Newsmax Adria in the evening on July 20.

Asked to comment on the meeting between Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti in Brussels, Jeremic said that “obviously, nothing more will come out of the Brussels process” because within it Vucic had already granted to Albanians everything he could.

“Pristina goes on after it has received from Vucic in Brussels everything – the state of Serbia no longer exists in northern Kosovo and Metohija, the power system has been surrendered [to it], Pristina has obtained an international telephone area code. The self-proclaimed Kosovo is now interested in what it cannot get in Brussels – a seat in the U.N. and further international recognition through membership in international organizations,” Jeremic added.

He also said that the wall separating Pristina from U.N. membership was cemented by a decision of the International Court of Justice saying that the final status of Kosovo may only be determined in the U.N. Security Council, where Russia and China have a power of veto.

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