Opposition: There Is Indication of Recordings Proving Ties Between Regime and Belivuk Gang | Beta Briefing

Opposition: There Is Indication of Recordings Proving Ties Between Regime and Belivuk Gang

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 13.08.21 | access_time 11:16

Borko Stefanovic: Victim of a Brutal Attack

The deputy president of the Freedom and Justice Party, Borko Stefanovic, has said that there is indication that "some people" have recordings that, according to him, prove the existence of ties between Veljko Belivuk's criminal group and the top of the government, which is why the latter is "so nervous."

"That is where the answer to why (former state secretary at the Interior Ministry) Dijana Hrkalovic and (Defense Minister) Nebojsa Stefanovic are untouchable should be sought. They obviously have something that protects them and whereby they are blackmailing (Serbian President Aleksandar) Vucic and (Interior Minister Aleksandar) Vulin," Stefanovic told the Aug. 13 issue of daily Nova.

Regarding Vucic's statement that he is ready to give a statement to the prosecutor's office in relation to claims that he is connected to the Belivuk gang, Stefanovic said that he did not believe there existed a prosecutor who was ready at this time to actually discover who had been the group's "organizer, helper and inspirer from the top of the state."

Speaking about the upcoming elections, Stefanovic said the opposition was actively working on picking a common candidate and would be dealing with that in the coming period as well. "For us, the opposition is anyone who does not accept cooperation with the Serbian Progressive Party and who will not use explanations, such as false concern for national interests, to collaborate with the regime," he stressed.

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