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Epidemiologist: People Unwilling to Behave More Responsibly 

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News / Politics | 09.09.21 | access_time 12:51


Branislav Tiodorovic, an epidemiologist and member of the Serbian Crisis Team for combatting the Covid-19 epidemic, has said that the Serbian public is showing no interest in behaving more responsibly and is equally averse to the enforcement of safety measures.

“On the other hand, there’s so much hype about [the situation in] schools, but neither schools nor children are that much of an issue, unlike all the gatherings and disrespect toward the [prescribed safety] measures,” Tiodorovic said for the Sept. 9 issue of the Blic daily.

According to him, the number of cases will continue to grow and will reach as many as 7000 newly-infected per day, which is why many countries are removing Serbia from their green travel lists.

“Germany just removed us from [their] list, they consider us a high-risk country. Cyprus [did the same] a few days ago, and all because of this data. The public should have grasped the situation we are in sooner,” Tiodorovic stated.

He added that in cities such as Novi Pazar, Tutin and Kragujevac the epidemic situation is escalating from unfavorable to emergency status.

“Kragujevac has already asked approval to declare [a state of emergency], while the others are not interested. They continue to act carefree, although the Novi Pazar hospital is full,” Tiodorovic concluded. 

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