People’s Party Leader: Unification of Patriotic Parties Necessary To Beat Ruling Majority in the Next Elections | Beta Briefing

People’s Party Leader: Unification of Patriotic Parties Necessary To Beat Ruling Majority in the Next Elections

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News / Politics | 02.10.23 | access_time 12:29


People’s Party leader Vuk Jeremic has said that in order to defeat the ruling coalition in the upcoming elections, the patriotic parties need to join forces, adding that a broad pre-election coalition of all patriotic parties is the only rational step and the one which is in the interest of the country’s nationhood. “A national front would mean creation of a pre-election coalition of parliamentary patriotic parties – the People’s Party, the New Democratic Party of Serbia, the Movement for the Restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia (POKS), the Movement Dveri, and the Oath Keepers, which would also include some patriotic parties that are not represented in the Serbian Parliament, such as Enough Is Enough party,” Jeremic said at a party rally in Arandjelovac on Oct. 1.

Jeremic added that it would be natural for patriotic parties to gather around at least two crucial issues – keeping Kosovo and Metohija under Serbia’s roof and banning lithium mining. He stressed that the People’s Party was ready to start talks on a broad pre-election coalition without any vanity or preconditions.

“Kosovo and Metohija and lithium mining are the two vital issues in the upcoming elections. Aside from these two, we will of course offer to citizens solutions for other major problems – how to recover the economy and the healthcare and education systems – these are all important problems which can be resolved, while bad solutions to the issues of Kosovo and Metohija and lithium mines would cause irreparable damage to the country,” Jeremic specified.

Jeremic recalled that his People’s Party was the initiator of the Serbia against Violence protests, but did not sign a recent agreement on a coalition with pro-western parties as it did not mention the issues of Kosovo or lithium mining. “In that pamphlet there is not a single word about Kosovo or lithium and that is why the People’s Party did not put its signature on the paper. We differ from them politically and also in terms of the values we advocate,” Jeremic said.

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