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PM Designate: As an Attorney, My Views on Re-Instituting Capital Punishment Are More Reserved

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News / Politics | 08.04.24 | access_time 13:00


Commenting on the announced initiative for the reintroduction of capital punishment, Milos Vucevic, Serbia’s new prime minister designate, said on April 8 that he understands the public’s sentiment, but that, as an attorney, his stance is more moderate. All aspects of the issue need to be thoroughly assessed, he said, before a concrete, professional solution is reached.

Speaking for the Informer daily, Vucevic stated that he will consider and publicly address the proposal as soon as the new Cabinet is formed and the capital punishment initiative is officially submitted by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

“Of course I understand our responsibilities as a member of the Council of Europe, but the Cabinet will certainly consider every initiative, this one included,” he said.

The prime minister designate expressed his conviction that the majority of the population would, at this time, support reinstituting the death penalty for the gravest of crimes, but added that such a decision requires careful deliberation.

On April 7, President Vucic said that he believes Serbia should reinstate capital punishment and that he will submit a proposal to that effect to the Cabinet, as soon as it is formed.

His comment came in the wake of the recent disappearance of two-year-old Danka Ilic from Bor. The child went missing on March 26, sparking an international investigation in which one suspect has so far confessed to killing Danka and hiding her body with the help of accomplices. “If any deed deserves the death penalty, this is it,” Vucic said of the crime.

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