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Opposition Accuses Secret Service of Attacks on Dissenting Voices

Source: Bta
News / Politics | 30.05.24 | access_time 12:31


The editors-in-chief of tabloids and TV stations have been colluding with certain individuals from the Serbian Security and Information Agency (BIA) to create and disseminate false articles and news items discrediting the regime’s political opponents, Savo Manojlovic, the leader of the oppositional Get Going for Change movement and its candidate for Belgrade’s mayor, said on May 30.

While protesting in front of the BIA headquarters, Manojlovic named all the editors who, he said, have been slandering the regime’s opposition, be they politicians or other public figures, and thereby endangering these people’s lives.

“These articles and news segments with fake information, created by the BIA, are broadcast by said tabloids, portals and TV stations as an attack on dissenting voices,” he added.

The public should be aware, Manojlovic said, that the City of Belgrade and publicly-owned companies, along with state institutions, provide immense funds to finance these pro-regime media outlets.

“After [the elections of] June 2, the first order issued will be to cancel all the funding tabloids receive from the city budget,” Manojlovic stated and added that the money will be redirected to children’s shelters.

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