Journalist Srdjan Skoro: I Did Not Threaten Anyone, Government Upset when Confronted with the Truth | Beta Briefing

Journalist Srdjan Skoro: I Did Not Threaten Anyone, Government Upset when Confronted with the Truth

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News / Politics | 08.07.24 | access_time 17:00


The journalist Srdjan Skoro said on July 8 he didn’t utter a single threat against the Serbian president’s son, Danilo Vucic, contrary to the Serbian Progressive Party’s claims and an intent by the Serbian prosecution to launch an investigation into the allegations, but rather that the authorities had been upset when confronted with the truth about the nature of this regime and the people representing it.

Skoro said in a comment for BETA that he had been quoted out of context, and that it was very easy to see when the integral interview was compared to the edited video. “It’s yet another lie the people have been successfully poisoned with since the Progressives came into power,” Skoro said, adding that the authorities had legalized lies, violence and ubiquitous primitivism, and that he was attacked for something he neither said nor did.

Speaking during a TV show aired by Zrenjanin KTV, Skoro said that Danilo Vucic, in order to make a personal contribution to Serbia, should travel to Majdanpek and Kosovo at his own expense and without a security detail, visiting also a lithium mine to show that the chemical element was harmless. Skoro also explained that his interview with the KTV was released 13 days ago, but that the campaign against him started two days ago.

A prosecutor’s office in Belgrade ordered that it should be established if Skoro’s words contained the elements of the criminal offense “a threat to the safety” of the Serbian president and his family, that the recording of the show aired by KTV be obtained and other actions taken to find out if the elements of a crime existed.

The Freedom and Justice Party said in a release that the fact that the prosecutors launched proceedings against Skoro recreates “the darkest hour of Stalin’s dictatorship in the Soviet Union, or the situation in North Korea.”

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