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Two Documents with Opposing Views of Srebrenica Massacre before the Serbian Parliament

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News / Politics | 09.07.24 | access_time 17:43

Serbian parliament (BETAPHOTO/Ana Slovic)

New Democratic Party of Serbia leader Milos Jovanovic on July 9 said that his party and the parliamentary group NADA (Hope) would submit a “Declaration on Srebrenica,” adding he expected all parties, “particularly those declaring as pro-national to vote for putting the document on the parliament agenda.” 

“We have been witnessing continual attempts of forging historical facts and attempts of putting the blame on the Serb people for what they have not done. That lie could render concrete and practical consequences, I refer here to Republika Srpska (RS). If that lie becomes the truth about Srebrenica, it would be easier to work on unitarization of Bosnia and Herzegovina and abolishing RS,” Jovanovic specified. 

“If is absolutely necessary for the Serbian Parliament to adopt a Declaration on the events in Srebrenica. The truth is that what happened in Srebrenica was not genocide. It could be qualified as a war crime, but absolutely not as genocide,” Jovanovic stressed.

The Party of Democratic Action have also submitted their Resolution on Srebrnica, most harshly condemning “the genocide committed against the Bosniaks in Srebrenica, and in accordance with the Resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly, declaring July 11 an annual day of remembrance,” the party said in a statement on July 9. 

The document underlines the need to respect the rulings of international courts and that all denying genocide and glorifying the war crimes convicts should be punished. “By adopting this Resolution, the Serbian Parliament would make a right step toward establishing a stable peace in the region and removing the accountability of future generations for the crimes someone else committed in their name.” The draft document was backed by Shaip Kamberi on behalf of the Party for Democratic Action, representing ethnic Albanians in southern Serbia.

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