Wheat, Rapeseed Harvest Begins in Serbia, Yields below Expectations   | Beta Briefing

Wheat, Rapeseed Harvest Begins in Serbia, Yields below Expectations  

Source: Beta
SEE Business / Serbia | 21.06.22 | access_time 16:52

Wheat (Pixabay)

Harvest of wheat and rapeseed in Serbia had begun in the areas seeded with early maturing varieties and where crops had matured too early due to lack of moisture and fewer agro-technical measures, while the yields were below expectations, the president of the Independent Associations of Serbian Farmers, Jovica Jaksic, said on June 21.  

He told BETA that wheat yields of the farming land subject to less precipitation and supplied with fewer agro-technical measures and less mineral fertilizers, ranged around two tons per hectare, even less.  

According to Jaksic, so far rapeseed harvest in southern Banat indicates that the yields will be considerably down from last year, ranging from around 2.5 tons per hectare, compared to around four tons per hectare in 2021. He noted that rapeseed yields in central Serbia would be even more reduced.

Cereal grain expert Miroslav Malesevic has said that mercantile wheat harvest has also started and that the yields will be down around 30 percent from a several-year average.  

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