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Criminologist Calls Belgrade Least Safe City in Region

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 13.11.20 | access_time 15:48


The criminologist Dobrivoje Radovanovic said on Nov. 13 that Belgrade had for some time been the least safe city in the region due to increasingly frequent organized crime clashes.

Radovanovic told BETA in an interview that the police, prosecutors and courts would not be able to deal with organized crime as long as the struggle had "political overtones."

"If you compare Belgrade with the state of affairs from before the 1990s, it is completely unsafe, and if you compare it with the capitals in neighboring countries today, Belgrade has been the least safe city for years," he said.

Asked by BETA whether Belgrade had become a city where people did not feel safe, Radovanovic replied that Belgrade topped the unsafe list in the region, which meant that its residents are not safe.

According to him, there is an explosion of crime characteristic of liberal capitalism, and the state must take professional steps to curb organized crime growth.

He said that, in addition to drug-running, there was a substantial presence of financial organized crime, loan-sharking, business fraud and human trafficking.

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