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Ministers Condemn Statement By German Ambassador on Bombing

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Archive / News | 08.04.21 | access_time 16:15

Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Apr. 8 that German Ambassador Thomas Schieb ought to visit the graves of those who died in Germany's WW2 bombing of Belgrade on Apr. 6, 1941, instead of justifying the April bombardment of Serbia in 1999.

"This kind of arrogance suits Germany's occupation commander of Serbia but not in any way the German ambassador to Serbia," Vulin said, commenting on a statement by the German ambassador to Serbia that the air strikes on FR Yugoslavia in 1999 were needed.

Aleksandar Vulin

Schieb said that the 1999 bombardment of Yugoslavia was a controversial issue, but that a reaction was called for because a humanitarian catastrophe and genocide in Kosovo had to be stopped.

Minister of Innovation and Technological Progress Nenad Popovic called on Apr. 8 on Schieb to apologize to the Serb people "for his insults, [and saying] that Serbia should have been bombed in 1999 to prevent a genocide [in Kosovo]," and added that "this is cynical to the utmost and a continuation of a campaign by certain Western countries to declare the Serb people genocidal."

Minister Nenad Popovic

Deputy president of the Serbian Radical Party Aleksandar Seselj and Democratic Party of Serbia president Milos Jovanovic have demanded that Schieb be declared a persona non grata.

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