Ponos: If Citizens Were Pleased, Vucic Would Be Decorating, Not Arresting   | Beta Briefing

Ponos: If Citizens Were Pleased, Vucic Would Be Decorating, Not Arresting  

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 08.06.21 | access_time 17:53

Zdravko Ponos(BETAPHOTO)

People’s Party deputy leader Zdravko Ponos on June 8 said that the regime would lose the next elections if they were to be held in regular conditions and without election frauds on Election Day.  

In an interview with BETA, Ponos said he would not agree with the thesis that the Serbian Progressive Party had been rooted so deeply that it could not be ousted and that not even regular elections could be held. “If it were true, they would not be so frantically opposing any sort of normalization. (Aleksandar) Vucic is well aware of the public opinion. It is why he has been exhibiting growing anxiety in public appearances that are becoming more frequent and occurring in strange times,” Ponos specified.  

According to him, arrests of Progressives’ officials have marked the beginning of an election campaign. “If polls have showed that citizens are happy, Vucic would have been presenting decorations, not arresting,” Ponos noted.

Asked if the incumbent regime would lose power, what would be the first steps his party would insist on, Ponos replied that there was no field which would not require crisis management. He added that Progressives' regime, like a termite infestation, had ravaged institutions and twisted the values of a civilized society.  

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