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Al Dahra, Owner of PKB: Cattle Not Exhausted

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Archive / News | 28.07.21 | access_time 17:34

Al Dahra Buys PKB for EUR105 Million

The cattle in PKB's farms, most of which has been acquired by the Al Dahra company from the United Arab Emirates, is not exhausted, and it is normal that some die, the company's public relations service announced on July 28.

"It is quite normal that there are some diseases and deaths among 17,000 animals," the company replied to BETA's questions, sent to its director, Dusan Radicevic, in connection with claims in the media that cows were being milked four times per day and were dying from exhaustion, that the public was suspecting that cattle farming would be shut down and that the company was operating with losses.

In the reply, the company underscored that "animal deaths that occur in Al Dahra's farms occur in all other farms in the world." To the question about how many cow farms Al Dahra had closed since acquiring PKB, with how many head of cattle and why, the company replied that "milk production is like any other production."

"At the moment of acquisition of PKB's assets, cows of poor quality were also acquired. For that reason, Al Dahra imported a large number of cows in order to improve the genetic pool," the company stated.

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