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Political Expert: Researchers Will Monitor Elections, Report Violations

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 17.02.22 | access_time 07:30

Boban Stojanovic (Photo: Media center Belgrade)

Political expert Boban Stojanovic issued a circular letter on Feb. 16, addressed to the participants of parliamentary and presidential elections, explaining that a group of researchers would monitor the entire process of nomination and inform the public about any irregularities they discover.

"Since we all know how much the integrity of the election process was additionally undermined in 2020 through the process of election nominations, i.e. through the so-called collecting of signatures for nominations, we are calling for this process to be public and transparent this year," it was stated in the letter to the representatives of the political parties, coalitions of parties and citizens' groups that plan to participate in the parliamentary and presidential elections.

In the letter, they are urged to proactively inform the public about the place and time of collecting signatures, via the parties' information channels – web-sites, social networks and suchlike – with a reminder that "great suspicion and a substantial amount of evidence remain from the entire process in the year before last, which referred to the abuse of people's personal data, and that that part of the election process had been irregular and non-transparent."

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