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University Professor: We Are Living a Perpetual Coup D’Etat

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 20.03.23 | access_time 13:23

Milo Lompar(BETAPHOTO/Press centar UNS)

On March 20, Belgrade University Professor Milo Lompar told BETA that the unconstitutional behavior of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has created “an atmosphere of a perpetual coup d’etat”, where the government continues to make decisions outside of its purview.

According to Lompar, the Serbian public is experiencing their fourth Western-backed dictatorship since the late 19th century. In terms of historical impact, he added, the current regime is also “the closest to Josip Broz [Tito]’s totalitarianism.”

Asked about the government’s agreement to implement the EU proposal for Kosovo in its entirety, the School of Philology professor said that “it is difficult to find anything new to say” about the March 19 implementation talks between Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti that took place in Ohrid, given that the plan was already adopted in Brussels on Feb. 27.

“Everything is already known. The agreement was made [weeks] earlier, because one can’t [discuss implementing] something that doesn’t already exist. The Serbian president has been acting unconstitutionally for some time now, repeatedly so. This has created an atmosphere of a perpetual coup d’etat, because the government is making decisions it has no right to make,” Lompar stated and underlined that Vucic has been “systematically deceiving the public.”

In Lompar’s opinion, Vucic’s need for untruths has morphed into a system of untruths produced and disseminated by the numerous media under his direct or indirect control.

“Thus, personal pathology has developed into social pathology,” the professor explained, adding that this includes ostracizing anyone who opposes the regime’s misconduct, which, in turn, directly impacts the country’s democracy.

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