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Opposition MP: Protests Have Shown that Regime Is Not Unbeatable

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Democratic Party MP Srdan Milivojevic has said that the Serbian Against Violence protests have shown that the regime is not unbeatable and that the "three pillars of its rule - fear, violence and propaganda - are not giving results anymore."

"Never in our history has there been a more arrogant government and this is the peak of our moral decline. That is why participating in the protests is no longer a question of political dissatisfaction but civic upbringing and the defense of public morals," Milivojevic told the NIN weekly.

Speaking on what was expected from the protests beginning on Sept. 1, he said that it was true "that part of the people are saying that they do not want politicians because they have succumbed to propaganda and all of them are the same and that our opposition is the worst in the world." "This mantra has killed political life and we now have an almost impossible task - to restore people's trust in political parties being able to articulate citizens' dissatisfaction and direct it so that it does not head in the direction of anarchy," Milivojevic stressed.

He also said that the protests were not a struggle for power but a struggle for freedom. "This is a battle against an occupier, only the regime is worse than an occupier, because occupiers try to make the resources of the state that they have conquered last as long as possible, while these people are ruling according to the principle of take everything that you can now and leave. Scorched earth is what they are going to leave behind them," Milivojevic warned.

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