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Zelenovic: Vucic Provoking Civil Conflicts

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 03.12.19 | access_time 13:27

Nebojsa Zelenovic (Beta/Milan Obradovic)

Together for Serbia party leader Nebojsa Zelenovic on Dec. 3 said that Serbian President  Aleksandar Vucic had been organizing phony “spontaneous” rallies in support to himself, and thereby provoking civil conflicts.

“At rallies in support of himself in Nis and Krusevac, he targeted Dragan Djilas. Tomorrow, the target will be another person, anyone who dares to speak out loud about the government’s financial frauds and the ongoing torture against all who think differently. Those rallies comprise people who are forced to board buses under the threat of dismissals as Vucic summons the employees of state institutions and public companies. They do not exactly understand why they are there, but they are ordered to shout some slogans and make threats,” Zelenovic said in a written statement.

He stressed that Vucic “has been putting heads of his political opponents on the chopping block,” and that it was only the matter of time when “a frenzied executioner will appear on behalf of the authorities, and then, the country will slip in a disaster.”

“I urge Vucic to come to his senses, if it is still possible, and to stop creating the atmosphere of hatred and provoking civil conflicts. I urge Vucic to create conditions for a normal political life and free and fair elections as it is in his interest to leave power peacefully and in the elections. All benevolent people are aware that this bullying type of rule is untenable, it is an untenable situation to have an European country in the 21st century ruled by a man who is on a daily basis choking in arms trafficking and narcotics production scandals, which involve his immediate associates,” Zelenovic noted.

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