Jeremic: Vucic Planned to Profit from the “Awakening of the People” in Montenegro | Beta Briefing

Jeremic: Vucic Planned to Profit from the “Awakening of the People” in Montenegro

Source: Beta/Danas
Archive / News | 08.01.20 | access_time 12:25

Vuk Jeremic (Beta/Milos Miskov)

People’s Party leader Vuk Jeremic said on Jan. 8 that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic wanted to politically profit from the “awakening of the people” in Montenegro by visiting the northern part of that country during Christmas, which he initially announced only to abandon the idea later on.

“This plan fell through. It was concocted by the experienced trio Djukanovic-Vucic-Beba Popovic, but it was foiled by the unbribable part of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Had he traveled to Montenegro, he would have been booed and chased away, and then the same would have begun to happen to him in Serbia,” Jeremic told the Danas Daily newspaper.

Jeremic also said that it remains to be seen whether Vucic will “manage” to form a “Montenegrin Serb Ticket” from political parties in that country that are supported by Serbs, adding that he hopes that won’t be the case.

Speaking about the boycott of the regular vote in Serbia due this year announced by a part of the opposition his group belongs to, the People’s Party leader said that he was pleased with the results of the boycott campaign so far, emphasizing that this part of the opposition in Serbia wants to contribute, by “energetic activities,” that as many people as possible free themselves and say: “I am fed up with all these abuses, offenses, thefts and punks.”

The goal, according to him, in short is that “everyone becomes aware that to go to the polls this spring means to vote for Vucic regardless of which name on the ballot they opt for.”

Jeremic also said that after the boycotted vote Aleksandar Vucic will be faced with an agreement enabling Kosovo to become a U.N. member.

Commenting on the fact that despite the opposition protests and being brought in connection with scandals such as the one with the Krusik arms factory the Serbian Progressive Party still has high ratings, Jeremic said that most people in Serbia have not heard of either of the scandals owing to the “regime propaganda” which he described as being currently “more brutal” than ever before.

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