Official: Pristina Prevented Me from Visiting Flooded Areas in Kosovo | Beta Briefing

Official: Pristina Prevented Me from Visiting Flooded Areas in Kosovo

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 14.01.21 | access_time 13:01


Petar Petkovic, the head of Serbia’s Kosovo and Metohija Office, has said that the officials in Pristina had reached, at 2 a.m. on Jan. 14, a decision to prevent him from visiting the flooded Serbian areas in Kosovo and delivering the humanitarian aid to those in need.

“It is obvious that the election campaign in Pristina has started before its legal start date, and that the Serbs are the main targets again. This action of the Albanian politicians testifies to the fact that they find political marketing more important than the lives and safety of people,” Petkovic said.

This decision, he added, also shows that not even the EU can ensure that the signed agreements, among which is the one promising the freedom of movement, are respected.

 “We do not want to contribute, in any way, to the heightening of tensions in the region, because such atmosphere always leads to our people drawing the wrong end of the stick; at the same everyone may rest assured: no one can stop us from helping our people,” he added.

 Both the state and Kosovo Office aid, the Serbian official affirmed, will reach, as promised, the people and households affected by the floods. 

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