Democratic Party Leader: Authorities in Belgrade Use Kosovo for Money Laundering | Beta Briefing

Democratic Party Leader: Authorities in Belgrade Use Kosovo for Money Laundering

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 23.06.21 | access_time 16:51


The Democratic Party leader, Zoran Lutovac, said on June 23 that it's irresponsible and intolerable that after so many years of talking with Pristina the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, could say he didn't know what a compromise might be.

Lutovac said to BETA that the Serbian Progressive Party had built the voter support on the platform called "We won't give Kosovo away", and the support of the West on quite another - "We'll recognize Kosovo's independence."

"Vucic has been ruling for full nine years using the two clashing platforms, usurping all institutions, violating the Constitution and laws, stiffling the freedom of speech and opposition activism, and then he dares to ask everyone to support a compromise for Kosovo and Metohija. Moreover, after all these years at the negotiating table with Pristina, he states before Serbia's illegitimate parliament and its citizens that he didn't know what might be a compromise he would support," Lutovac was explicit in the interview with the agency.

The Democrat leader underlined that the regime had been using not only Kosovo, but also all of Serbia, for money laundering. "Vucic spoke before the illegitimate parliament on June 22, saying that Serbia's annual allocation for Kosovo has reached between EUR700 million and EUR800 million. Since the investment of that size is not visible on the ground, or in financial reports available to the public, the question is: Is the government using Kosovo for money laundering?" Lutovac wants to know.

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