Serbia against Violence Protests Held in Belgrade, Other Cities | Beta Briefing

Serbia against Violence Protests Held in Belgrade, Other Cities

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 11.09.23 | access_time 09:32

Protest in Belgrade, June 3 2023 (BETAPHOTO/AMIR HAMZAGIC)

The 19th iteration of the Serbia against Violence protest took place in Belgrade and other Serbian cities on Sept. 8.  The protest in the capital saw demonstrators carry cardboard cutouts of several Pink TV presenters dressed in black-and-white striped prison uniforms, as well as banners and signs calling for the fulfillment of the protest demands.

At the beginning of the protest, moderator Smiljan Banjac pointed to a number of violence-related problems in Serbia, including the reporting of regime-affiliated tabloids. He said Pink TV had not changed its editorial policy and continued to "spread hate and violence."

The protesters visited the Pink TV station's building to express their disagreement with its programming once again. They called the media outlet's owner, Zeljko Mitrovic, a "thief" and blew whistles and bugles.

Democratic Party president Zoran Lutovac said that the logistical organizers of the Serbia against Violence protests wanted support from the people to meet the demands of the demonstrations in a free and fair election. Together party co-president Biljana Stojkovic said the demands being voiced at the Serbia against Violence protests were designed to achieve a more normal life, the freedom of opinion and a free media and that they absolutely could not be abandoned.

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