Janjic: Vucic Is Now Ready for All Concessions to Kurti | Beta Briefing

Janjic: Vucic Is Now Ready for All Concessions to Kurti

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 16.10.23 | access_time 17:00


Political analyst Dusan Janjic said on Oct. 16 that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had called on the Serb List party to unconditionally run in elections, just so he could avoid responsibility for the large number of wrong decisions made over the past year.

Janjic told BETA that Vucic's call for participation in elections was yet another in a series of wrong moves because, as he put it, Vucic did not want to face the mistake he made when he pulled the Serbs out of Kosovo's institutions and the consequences of that decision.

"With this call, Vucic has legalized and encouraged (Kosovo Premier Albin) Kurti to carry on with his policy on the north of Kosovo, but has also taken over a portion of Kurti's responsibility for the bad security and political situation in the north. Vucic's aim is to distract the international community from the proceedings against Milan Radoicic, all to the detriment of the Serbian people in the north of Kosovo," said Janjic.

He underscored that there would be no elections in the north before next spring because Kurti said, after the Serb List's acceptance of participation in elections, that elections could be called and held only according to Pristina's administrative instructions.

"If elections were held according to instructions from Pristina, that would happen no earlier than in the spring and would mean that Belgrade and the Serb List are giving up on the forming of a Community of Serb Municipalities and the withdrawal of the Kosovo police from the north of Kosovo," stressed Janjic, adding that the Serb List had once again been discredited because it had turned into a megaphone of Aleksandar Vucic.

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