U.S. Economist: Serbia's Economic Growth Not Bad, But Not Great Either | Beta Briefing

U.S. Economist: Serbia's Economic Growth Not Bad, But Not Great Either

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SEE Business / Serbia | 07.03.24 | access_time 15:47

Economy stock taxes grey economy (Photo: Pixabay.com)

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has a tendency to exaggerate when speaking of Serbia's economic growth which is not bad, but not great either, renowned economist Steve Hanke told the March 7 edition of NIN.

Serbia's fate, Hanke stressed is "linked to its geographical position, right on the border where the great powers' interests meet."

"As it turns out, Serbia's geographical and historical characteristics, are probably going to leave it trapped in the great game of geopolitics and tug-of-war between the great powers. To successfully walk this rope an exceptionally calibrated and sophisticated foreign policy is needed which would give the Serbs the right to choose," said Hanke, a former aide to U.S. president Ronald Reagan, and also an aide for economic reforms in Serbia to Ante Markovic who also helped Milo Djukanovic devise Montenegro's economic strategy.

As for Serbia's economic growth, Hanke said that, owing to economic sanctions, EU regulations and bureaucracy, Europe's economic growth would be anaemic, so that when one compares Serbia's growth to Europe's anaemic growth Serbia came off as strong.

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