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Change of Regime Not Enough, Change of Order Necessary

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Analysis / Analysis | 21.04.21 | access_time 20:58

Milos Parandilovic (BetaPhoto/POKS/Ognjen Tubic)

Dear subscribers, given the importance of the upcoming inter-party dialogue on election conditions in Serbia, the BetaWeek office has over the past few weeks published op-eds by the representatives of political parties on those negotiations. We end the series in this edition. With the two op-eds in this edition included, we have conveyed the positions of 12 political organizations on the inter-party dialogue, the preparatory phase of which, in the form of consultations with the European Parliament facilitators, started this week. Ivica Dacic’s Socialist Party of Serbia and Aleksandar Sapic’s Serbian Patriotic Alliance explicitly turned down the offer to participate in this series. Sasa Radulovic’s Enough Is Enough movement did not state its decision regarding the offer, despite several days of communication, while Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party did not even respond to our attempts to get in contact regarding this matter.

The articles do not represent the Beta News Agency’s opinions. The headlines and subtitles were written by the editors of BetaWeek. This issue features an article by Milos Parandilovic, spokesman of the Movement for the Restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia.

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