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Serbian Pre-Election Landscape

Source: Beta
Archive / Analysis | 03.06.20 | access_time 17:04

Vucic (YouTube screenshot)

Opposition in a Dead End

At the height of the 2020 election campaign Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic suggested that if Serbia fails to normalize relations with Kosovo it cannot hope for a future in the European Union (EU). In an interview with the Pink TV last weekend the president stated that a solution to the Kosovo issue was a precondition for Serbia to join the Union, promising that the country would stay on the path to the EU nevertheless. He didn’t use the words „recognition of Kosovo’s independence,“ but those he did use can be interpreted as a sort of prelude to what is coming after the elections, scheduled to take place on June 21. The steps he heralded in the interview will clearly imply an agreement supported by Brussels and Washington.

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