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Dacic to Duma Representatives: Serbia Ready to Continue Friendship with Russia

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Archive / News | 02.06.21 | access_time 12:11

Dacic: Demarcation with Kosovo not official proposal, citizens will decide

Serbia is expressing its strong readiness to continue its historic friendship and brotherhood with Russia, which it should be proud of, Serbian Speaker Ivica Dacic said on June 2 in his speech before the Russian State Duma representatives.

Dacic also stated that Serbia will not introduce sanctions against “its great partner and friend” – Russia. The current “exceptional” relations between the two countries rest on the stable, centuries-long foundations, adding that Serbia and Russia are building relations of strategic partnership marked with mutual trust and understanding.

Dacic further said that Russia, much like Serbia, abides by its firm position that Kosovo is an unalienable part of Serbia.

“We are being told – Renounce Kosovo and Metohija and the path to the European Union will be open for you. This is not how partners speak with each other. We wish to join the EU, we are working diligently toward that goal, and will not change this, one of our strategic priorities. But we do not accept to have obstacles on that path of the kind that have never been placed for anyone else be placed for us in the form of recognition of illegal secession, nor can anything of that sort be expected from any sovereign country,” Dacic pointed out. 

Dacic ended his speech by saying: “Long live Russia! Long live Serbia! Long live Serbian-Russian friendship.”

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