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Memorial Center: Genocide Denial in Bosnia Reduced, Yet Still Present

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Serbian Political Scene and the Srebrenica Massacre: Acknowledging the Crime, but not Genocide

The Srebrenica Memorial Center released on July 23 a report on Srebrenica genocide denial based on the monitoring and frequency of genocide denial from May 2021 to May 2022.

The report was compiled under the Truth, Dialog, Future project, with the support of the government of the United Kingdom. The report notes that after the decision by former high representative Valentin Inzko to impose a law prohibiting the denial of genocide last July, the incidence of genocide denial in Bosnia and Herzegovina had dropped considerably, but not yet to zero.

"The highest-level state officials continue to deny the genocide in Srebrenica, mostly Bosnian Presidency member Milorad Dodik. Though the law has been in force for a little under a year, there have been no recorded indictments against genocide deniers to date," Srebrenica Memorial Center Emir Suljagic said.

The report notes that 693 instances of genocide denial were recorded in the public media space in Bosnia and the region in one year. "Monitoring found that the largest number of instances of genocide denial were from Serbia, where 476 instances of denial were recorded, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, more specifically Republika Srpska, where 176 instances were recorded, and followed by Montenegro, Croatia and everyone else," the report states, adding that the most frequent deniers were Milorad Dodik, Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin and Serbian MP Miodrag Linta.

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