Selakovic: Serbia Expects Croatia to Rescind Recognition of Kosovo | Beta Briefing

Selakovic: Serbia Expects Croatia to Rescind Recognition of Kosovo

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Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic said on Sept. 26 that Serbia expected Croatia, as it is defending the territorial integrity of Ukraine, to rescind its recognition of Kosovo.

"A large number of countries have, in this rrent geopolitical situation, become painfully aware that violations of international law and principles boomerang back, and that is why the number is up of those deciding to withdraw their too easily given recognition of the self-proclaimed Kosovo. We expect the Republic of Croatia to take that path, too, not only because of commitment to international law, but because we hope it sees the importance of building stable neighborly relations with the Republic of Serbia," Selakovic noted in a written statement.

He responded by press release to a statement by his Croatian counterpart Gordan Grlic-Radman, who told the Albanian Post that Croatia expected the Belgrade-Pristina dialog to "result in a legally binding comprehensive agreement on normalization of relations" and that Serbia recognizing Kosovo was "inevitable."

Selakovic stressed that with that statement the Croatian foreign minister had "left the framework of official EU policy, which is status neutral on the issue."

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