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Tadic: Catastrophic Omission in Vucic’s U.N. Address

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Archive / News | 29.09.22 | access_time 13:03


According to former president of Serbia Boris Tadic, current President Aleksandar Vucic’s failure to clearly tell the U.N. General Assembly that U.N. membership for Kosovo is absolutely unacceptable to Serbia was an omission of “catastrophic” proportions.

“This was especially important now, when the international community is resurrecting the so-called ‘Two Germanies Model’ as a solution for Kosovo. Whenever this model is mentioned, one must bear in mind that, at the time, both Germanies were members of the U.N.,” Tadic wrote in an op-ed for the NIN weekly.

In his opinion, “it is hard to view this as an amateur omission. Unfortunately, many people throughout the world today view such omissions as deliberately created openings.”

Tadic further stated that the Serbian public is subject to “a daily cacophony of lies” and, hence, cannot hear that the International Court of Justice “never passed the decision that Kosovo’s unilaterally declared independence was in keeping with international law, but rather employed a play of words to avoid answering the question [Tadic’s administration posed regarding the matter].”

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